Air Freight Forwarding Company, Internet Freight Broker & Mexico Customs

The RLI freight forwarding company offers complete solutions packages for all your land / air freight forwarding needs.   We have over 23 years of experience in the transportation, consolidation, storage, handling and redistribution of our customer’s goods to and from Mexico.

Mexican Customs

RLI is a Mexican Customs Broker (Agente Aduanal) with offices in Nuevo Laredo, Piedras Negras and Mexico City.  Our team of dedicated Mexican customs experts and freight consultants provide our customers with a complete solution at the US/Mexico border.  It is our job to make the process of crossing the border as seamless as possible to the customer and their goods, while at the same time ensuring 100% compliance with all Mexican import/export laws and regulations.

RLI utilizes its internet freight broker network and transportation partners to deliver a one stop solution to its customers

RLI provides a dedicated in-house US Customs solution. Our team of US Customs experts utilizes the latest technologies to take advantage of automated processes guaranteeing your goods fast and efficient flows over the US/Mexico border. Whether its air freight forwarding or land freight forwarding, RLI insures your compliance with all US Customs regulations while at the same time expediting the crossing and delivery of your goods from Mexico.